Why are Asexuals Aces?


Although Asexuals are Aces, most of them cannot fly planesA person who follows the Asexual community for any length of time will eventually come across the term 'Ace'. The reader may find the lablel to be incredibly pretentious, or they may find the use of the label confusing. The orgins of Ace as a slang term for Asexual are uncomplicated and not as arrogant as one might imagine. No Asexual seriously believes that they have superior skills to many non-Asexuals when it comes to flying a airplane. An Asexual may be an Ace in one area of their life, but when they apply the term to their sexuality, they mean something different.


Ace is a shortend form of Asexual when it is used this way. It is, in fact, the first syllable of the word. It is why the Ace of Spades and the Ace of Hearts have become Asexual symbols. It is also why, vintage aircraft have not become Asexual symbols, despite repeated attempts by the owner of this site.. (Ed note: If vintage aircraft has personal meaning to you, you could use it as a personal Asexual symbol).

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