Japan's Grass Feeders: Not Quite Asexual

Japan's population is decreasing. CBS This Morning's Lucy Craft describes many of the country's young men as Asexual beings who are not interested in sex. Lucy Craft does not compare the Japanese grass-feeders to the Asexual community in America. Neither the reporter nor the sex experts consulted mentioned the comparison. Experts who appear in the CBS This Morning report say that American adolescents seem to be as interested in sex as ever.

Grass-feeders do not claim to be Asexual, nor do most of the people who belong to this subculture identify as Asexual. The country's shifting cultural attitudes towards sex and gender roles allow women to be more assertive than they were in the past. The guys still like women, according to one college-aged man, but they find it easier to hang out with other guys.

Craft says the island country's declining population cannot be blamed on teenagers and college age men. Population experts believe a decline in the number of young men interested in sex is not responsible for the population decline. Strict immigration policies contributes to the declining population more than any other factor.


Sex Turns Off Young Japanese Men


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