Aseksual Online, Site For Turkish Asexuals, Closes

Burcu Sufi Demirtürk founded Aseksual Online. Her website, aimed at Turkish Asexuals recently closed its doors. Demiturk, who is about to be married, closed the site down because of tension within the site.

Islam is the dominant religion in Turkey. The Hurriyet Daily News suggests the founder decided to close the site because many people who came to the site were Homosexual and could not pursue their relationships because of the religious culture in Turkey. Religious officials approved of the site, because sex outside of marriage is considered to be a sin in Islam.

Demitkurk’s marriage does not preclude the possiblity of someone else starting a similar site, although religious oppression of Homosexuality in Turkey may cause people to adopt the Asexual label to avoid persecution. The founder said she no longer identifies as Asexual.

Aseksual Online’s thousand plus members may need to find somewhere else to gather. AVEN’s forums do include a Turkish language option.


Turkey's Asexual Online Site Closes (Note: AVEN is a US Organization.)

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