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(A)sexual chronicles the movements of many of the more prominent Asexual activists. The documentary, by Angela Tucker, has already caused speculation among the Asexual community. Most of the speculation centers around the commentary provided by Dan Savage. However, the film does not focus on Savage. The documentary focuses on the activities of David Jay, Swank Ivy, Barbara, a pilot from Texas and an Asexual couple from the same state.

Tuckers documentary is a touching, humorous and sometimes sad look at the world faced by Asexuals. Swankivy, David Jay and Cathy Roberts all appear in the film at points. Viewers also meet Barbara, a pilot who decided that sex wasn't for her in 1986. All of these characters share their story of how they discovered that they were Asexual.



The highly sexualized parts of the Pride Parade seem out-of-place in a documentary about Asexuality. The film showcases on the different mindsets of Asexual people and sexual people. Even Dan Savages inclusion in the documentary, as problematic as it is, furthers the filmmakers goals of helping people understand Asexuality. Savage, although repeating his acephobic statements does not come off as the worst person in the film. Tucker Carlson retains that honor.

The Asexual documentary does a good job of presenting the material in an objective way over all. Another more prominent documentary maker could learn from. (Authors Note: It's not possible I'm mentioning Michael Moore specifically here is it)? (Editors note: Somewhat, to a degree). It does not attempt to judge anyone who appears on screen, although there are certain segments that make the person featured look bad.

(A)sexual will be released shortly. Arts Engine will sell copies of the documentary once it gets released. The documentary will make its debut at the Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco in two days.




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Gabriel Gideon (06.29.2014 (04:12:55))
Watching this broke my heart Yes No I was overjoyed to see the asexual community at that Pride parade and so disgusted by the behavior of parade goers towards the asexual group. It actually brought me to tears. How can a community that is so open and striving to be accepted for THEIR differences reject so cruelly others for being different from them? "Love and harm none" seems not so common sense as it should be. But what do I know... I'm just a celibate trans queer boy looking to find myself along the journey called life. And I stand in solidarity with all, sexual or not. Pride for life.



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