How to come out as an Asexual: You're better off asking this question elsewhere


The title of this article may be how to come out as Asexual, but that is a how to, the readers will not find on this site. It is not that people should not come out when they feel the need, it is that the situation under which each person comes out are different. Giving advice on how a person can out themselves can lead the reader into a dangerous situation or lure the reader into a false confidence.

When someone decides to come out as an Asexual or anything else, they should do it on their own time. The same person should also have a good idea of what the consequences will be before they do so. The problem with attempting to write a detailed guide on how to come out is that it would take one fairly long book to do so. If such a book were written and such a book probably has been written, it cannot hope to cover all complications involved.



Even if the author of this article were to write such a book, his attempts to write such advice have gone poorly. The author would rather not risk trying to write a definitive guide on how to come out as an Asexual. There are people out there who are better at giving advice and if a reader really needs to, they can ask for advice from the people on a forum dedicated for Asexuals.

Readers who still feell the need to contact a member of the Asexual News staff for advice on this process can use the contact us page. Depending on who the reader decides to contact, the staff may give out advice or refer the person who sent the e-mail to someone else.

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JR Harrison (08.17.2011 (11:56:41))
Yes No So, did someone come to the site via typing in 'how to come out as Asexual' in a search engine?



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