Psychiatry, Big Pharmaceuticals and the DSM-5


There has been little movement in the sexual dysfunctions sub committee. Psychiatrists, pyschologists and medical doctors have weighed in on the new manual. Doctor Pies speculated that many psychiatrists are losing faith in the profession.

The psychiatric profession has always relied on intuition and guess work. The symptoms do not always boil down to a nice, neat diagnosis. Even actual medical diagnoses seldom are achieved the way they are on medical mystery shows. The public has not lost faith in psychiatry, but they do question the validity of the DSM-5. The broad diagnostic criteria favored by the DSM-5 committee plays into the theories about psychiatry being 'in bed' with  pharmaceutical companies well.


Ronald Pies, a recent contributor Psych Central believes that many psychiatrists are drifting away from youthful idealism to pessimistic cynicism. Pies may have forgotten that this is common to many professions. The ideals of the profession seldom live up to the reality of a profession.

Pies attributes the lack of idealism to the decline of psychotherapy and increased drug use. He believes that many people in his profession do not believe in the DSM in its current form and have even less faith in its new form.

If Pies attitudes are prevalent, the question should be what the change in these attitudes mean for Asexuals. If the DSM is a document that is not consulted and psychiatrists rely on other methods, that does call the profession of psychiatry into question.


Why Psychiatry Needs to Scrap the DSM System


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