Moriarty Not To Return in Sherlock Series 3

When Doyle wrote the Reichenbach falls, he had Moriarty return as a foil for Holmes when the detective return. Steven Moffat had the Asexual Holmes take a fall and fake his own death, much the same way the original character did, but Moriarty will not be coming back for the third season of the modern adaptation of the Holmes’s stories.

Moffat spoke to the French website,, he told reporters that Moriarty will not be coming back in later episodes. Although Moffat has a history of saying one thing and later doing another, he was right about there being other villains in the Sherlock Holmes universe for a modern writer to explore.

Even though Moriarty faked his own death, just as Sherlock did, Moffat has indicated that the Professor will remain dead in the modern adaptation universe.


Moffat Talks Sherlock Villains

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