Jenna-Louise Coleman To Be Doctor's Next Companion

Timelords change companions more often than some people change their socks. Karen Gillian, who played Amy Pond will leave the show during the next season. Matt Smith will not be without a companion long, as a new time traveler will join him in the next series.

Jenna Coleman, who starred in the four-part mini series Titanic will become the next person to travel in the Tardis. Coleman will play a fast-talking character who can even talk faster than the Doctor, according to the BBC, although Steven Moffat and other Doctor Who producers have been reluctant to avoid the details of who her character will be.

Colemann will make an appearance in theĀ 2012 Christmas episode, several weeks before the show's 50th anniversary. Karen Gillian and Rory Williams announced their departure from the show several months ago.


BBC -- Doctor Who's Next Companion

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