New Doctor Who Companion's Name Gets Used by Adult Entertainment Scammers

Jenna-Louise Coleman earned a spot as the Doctor's next companion. Fans of the British time travel science fiction series were not the only people to notice this. Representatives of the shadier side of the adult entertainment industry chose to cash in on the trend as well.

Scammers noticed the name and figured there was a demand for the link. Within a short time of the BBC's announcement, a number of tweets featuring the 25-year old actress's name appeared on the social networking service. Twitter users who clicked on the link did not get any more information about the actress; instead, they were directed to sites that contained links containing porn videos of Asian females and other similar videos

The scammers may or may not known of the Doctor Who's popularity with the Asexual community. Many Asexuals have blocked and reported such spammers to remove them from the service. Some users undoubtedly clicked on the links out of scientific curiosity, but the scammers were just using the actress's name.


New Dr. Who Girl's Name Used By Porn Scammers


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