Apartment Shown in BBC's Sherlock Up For Rent

Fans of the BBC series Sherlock may want to see if they have an extra 330 pounds a week. The one bedroom apartment rests above a cafe called Speedy's Cafe.

The inside of the flat does not resemble the sets found on the series. The film makers use the outside of the building and built different sets that contain Sherlock's dusty books and the personal effects of Watson.

Speedy's Cafe, which rests below the apartment, has seen an increased number of customers because of its role on the show. The flat does not sit on Baker Street, and neither does Speedy's itself. The apartment may remain vacant, but Speedy's will benefit from the popularity of the BBC series as long as it remains on the air. The store receives about a dozen extra customers per day because of the series.


Sherlock Flat Available for Rent

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