Malaysian teachers send young men to camps to 'man up'

Malaysia, a predominantly Muslim country, has taken a page from Christian Reparaitve Therapy groups. Malaysian teachers are identifying young men, tagging them as effeminate and sending them to camps to encourage more masculine behavior, according to The Edge. The camps are intended to intervene before the young men become gay.

Defenders of the program say it is one more chance to make the boys become more masculine before it becomes too late. While the program is intended to help the young me, reparative therapy programs have achieved little success. Homosexuality was eventually dropped from the DSM as a mental disorder.

Successful graduates of reparative therapy programs describe their current lifestyles as Asexual. Despite living a life of celibacy, the people do not become Asexual. Their underlying orientation usually remains what it was before, although some people maintain that orientation can change over time. The use of the word Asexual in this context only furthers the idea that a person can change their orientation and that Asexuality can be treated.

Campers are ran through physical exercises, sports and other “manly” activities. The camps are designed to help the students understand the students shipped to them understand the proper gender roles. Similar camps tried in other countries often serve as a place for gay people to meet each other rather instead of achieving their own goals.

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