Old Navy addresses limited supply of Pride T-shirts

The Old Navy Pride t-shirts are hard to fined. Customers have gone into and out of stores thinking that the elusive shirts may have been a myth put out by the companys public relations department. Asexual News asked the retailer about the decision to support the It Gets Better Project, but the response received was a form letter that did not answer the questions asked.

The shirts were sold only in larger cities and in certain markets.

“At Old Navy, we embrace inclusion and diversity. Our customers and employees are of many different ethnicities, faiths and lifestyles. This line of t-shirts is one of many examples of a limited edition t-shirt that supports some of our customers. We’re committed to offering a range of affordable fashion, fun and value for everyone in the family. As with many of our newer, smaller collections, we rolled it out across a limited number of stores. Customers who do not live in these areas and want a tee shirt can go to their local stores and we have the tee shirts shipped there, while quantities last”, said the company's PR contact.

The form letter received did say that customers who do not live in the select markets where the t-shirts were most likely to sell can still get the shirts. Smaller communities where Old Navy stores were hosted did not receive shipments of the t-shirts in order to respect the differing faiths, ethnicities and cultures of the customers.

While the form letter failed to address the issue of why Asexual Flag t-shirts were not included in the line up, the PR spokesperson for Old Navy did give Asexual News contact information for the press representative of the Gap. The Gaps press contact has not yet returned the emails from our staff.

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