Asexual Awareness Week Committee Encourages People to Ask Gender Equality Center at Berkeley to Change Their Definition of Asexual


The University of Berkeleys' Gender Equality Centers' definition page defines Asexual as, “Having no evident sex or sex organs. In usage, may refer to a person who is not sexually active, or not sexually attracted to other people”.


The Asexual Awareness Week Committee Facebook page posted a call to action asking for people to call upon the center to change its action. The LGBTQ center users a definition of Asexual that seems to have been pulled from a dictionary. While it ignores the definition used for asexual reproduction, it seems to have included definitions that are not used by people who identify as Asexual.


Asexual News has sent an e-mail asking for clarification. The Asexual Awareness Week Facebook has requested people politely ask the staff at the Gender Equality Center at Berkeley to change the definition.


LGBT Resource Center -- Asexual Definition


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